Thursday, September 20, 2007

Wake up and put on your sassypants.

It's another sunny day in Athens, Georgia. iPods and buzzers blare at some ungodly hour to wake up the college senior nestled in their bed and the daily drudge-filled battle begins: to class or not to class? To study or to just sit around? Until one day, an awakening... it doesn't have to be so bad!

When the apathetic get moved, the apathetic get sassy.

In the wake of much encouragement and an endless flow of creativity, Team Sassypants is finally coming to life and determined to bring you the best (and worst) of what's happening in Athens and the big bad world around us. It's time to let our fingers do the talking in order to keep you entertained. (And let's face it, I'm not making much progress professing my love for pop culture commodities in person to everyone that would appreciate.)

Regular features on the run at the moment include:
  • The Sassypants Show Agenda where on a weekly basis, we'll tell you what shows we'll be attending and what acts will be awesome anyways
  • Cliptastic updates on where other pieces have been published
  • The 'Pants Pick loving on whatever band, TV show, movie, viral vid, or article flies that onto the radar
  • Thumbs Up, America! for those times we make another stupid move in politics or pop culture and the world continues to thrive on our downward spiral
  • Hey, College is Still Good for Something! for the times something actually gets learned in the event class is attended
And there's tons more in the works. Want to join the Team? Got something to say? Send an email to and you'll be sure to get suited up! And if someone would be so kind as to solicit their design services for a snappy layout, you also know what to do.

You asked for it, you've got it, and we're just as excited.
Get sassy, kids.

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