Sunday, September 23, 2007

Today my heart swings.

Interpol = the shiz. Aside from arriving in record time, Friday night at the Tabernacle wasn't as epic as expected, but certainly satisfying. It was incredible to see a more seasoned (and often overhyped) band that was confident enough in themselves to avoid slutting out songs from their new album. Even Wilco has been beyond Sky Blue Sky-happy on their latest tour. Interpol played the best of it ("Rest My Chemistry," "Heinrich Maneuver," "No I In Threesome"), popular classics ("Evil," "Slow Hands," "Take You On A Cruise"), my personal favorite ("C'mere") and closed the show with "PDA." Can't ask for better.

But then it did. Atlanta is fantastic when you land in the right place. Little 5 Points, Decatur Social Club late night, strolling around Euclid and Moreland, sunset in Piedmont Park... too good. We have some serious tricks up our sleeve after this weekend and that's all that can be said for now...

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