Monday, November 26, 2007

Extreme to reunite. I call bullshit.

There's nothing I love more than rock bands coming back from the dead in an attempt to make some cash. This announcement today, however, irks me to a fault.


I have a little "more than words" on this one (hahaha) - because the one thing I love even more than bands coming back from the dead to go on reunion tours is when they're featured on 'where are they now' reality programs. Anyone remember VH1's Bands Reunited when gen-X VJ Aamer Haleem would track down individual members of washed-up one-hit-wonders, get them in a room to reconvene and rehearse, and put them on stage in front of whatever rowdy bar crowd would take them? It was GENIUS! Genius I tell you!

I couldn't tell you who was on it and which reunions actually happened because all I can remember is the one that didn't come to light - EXTREME! From what I remember, which is sickeningly clear as day, is that Gary Cherone was totally down. Then, they finally track down his cohort Nuno Bettencourt (debatably one of the greatest names to grace hair metal, whether real or a pseudonym) and we don't even get to see the dude's face! They approach him in public at some restaurant, wherein he storms off on Aamer and camera crew and the episode is abruptly over. I believe the words were along the lines of, "Well... this is a reality show. And the reality of this... is that not every band... can reunite. Thank you and goodnight." [dramatic pauses.] I bet Nuno was pissed about Gary's stint with Van Halen - and we all know how well that went. He got to front a music video wearing leather pants and a fur coat while lip synching in an ice cavern. Sweet. Nuno should have been anything but livid.

The band is now reunited with the duo at the helm and they're said to be writing songs over email while preparing for a world tour (not just any tour, a world tour - I can just smell how much the Slavic region probably loves their "More Than Words") and Bettencourt swears it's not a "throwaway."

This whole thing is the epitome of weaksauce - and I can't help but love it.