Monday, November 26, 2007

Extreme to reunite. I call bullshit.

There's nothing I love more than rock bands coming back from the dead in an attempt to make some cash. This announcement today, however, irks me to a fault.


I have a little "more than words" on this one (hahaha) - because the one thing I love even more than bands coming back from the dead to go on reunion tours is when they're featured on 'where are they now' reality programs. Anyone remember VH1's Bands Reunited when gen-X VJ Aamer Haleem would track down individual members of washed-up one-hit-wonders, get them in a room to reconvene and rehearse, and put them on stage in front of whatever rowdy bar crowd would take them? It was GENIUS! Genius I tell you!

I couldn't tell you who was on it and which reunions actually happened because all I can remember is the one that didn't come to light - EXTREME! From what I remember, which is sickeningly clear as day, is that Gary Cherone was totally down. Then, they finally track down his cohort Nuno Bettencourt (debatably one of the greatest names to grace hair metal, whether real or a pseudonym) and we don't even get to see the dude's face! They approach him in public at some restaurant, wherein he storms off on Aamer and camera crew and the episode is abruptly over. I believe the words were along the lines of, "Well... this is a reality show. And the reality of this... is that not every band... can reunite. Thank you and goodnight." [dramatic pauses.] I bet Nuno was pissed about Gary's stint with Van Halen - and we all know how well that went. He got to front a music video wearing leather pants and a fur coat while lip synching in an ice cavern. Sweet. Nuno should have been anything but livid.

The band is now reunited with the duo at the helm and they're said to be writing songs over email while preparing for a world tour (not just any tour, a world tour - I can just smell how much the Slavic region probably loves their "More Than Words") and Bettencourt swears it's not a "throwaway."

This whole thing is the epitome of weaksauce - and I can't help but love it.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Too sassy to blog.

THAT is where we've been for October.
Too damn sassy to post anything.
But really, this is what the terribly vast gaping hole known as October 2007 has consisted of:
  • NYC for a whirlwind weekend
  • partying at the moontower (theme parties take a lot of work)
  • In Rainbows In Rainbows In Rainbows
  • classes...
  • crossing fingers that the drought cancels said classes..
  • Echo Project!
  • illness, illness, illness, and more illness
  • HOME for the first time in 4 - 5 months

Show agenda coming tomorrow afternoon - it's a big week - and Team Sassypants is back in action.

Monday, October 1, 2007

Watch it now, here they come!

We've had this under wraps for a long time...

Friday, October 12th at the 40 WATT
Tickets are only available from, so get them before they're gone, 'cause they will be once word gets out! Pre-sale started on the 28th, general on-sale is October 5th!

Sunday, September 30, 2007

I've seen it coming, I've seen it coming, I've seen it coming...

Join the cult at -- they're coming for us: cell phone contact information is mandatory on the order form. I hope everyone is ready for a total massacre.
I think the title is perfect and poignant. It's going to be a good one.
I ordered, and I'm paying. I'm a sucker.

This week's show agenda and more coming soon...

Sunday, September 23, 2007


The Sassypants Show Agenda for September 24 - 30
Picking out the best so you don't have to for the first week EVER!
A relatively slow week, but just wait for October to roll around...

Where We'll Be:
  • Atmosphere, Luckyiam, Mac Lethal, Greyskul (Mon. 9/24 @ 40 Watt, $10)
  • OK Computer 10th Anniversary (Mon. 9/24 @ Georgia Theatre, $5)
  • Apples in Stereo, VHS or Beta, Aqueduct, Walter Meego (Tues. 9/25 @ 40 Watt, $10)
  • The Alternate Routes (Tues. 9/25 @ Tasty World)
Where You Should Go, Too!
  • Allie & The Bandits, Little Francis (Weds. 9/26 @ Caledonia)
  • Jason Isbell & The 400 Unit, Sweet Dog Experience, Sleepy Horses (Thurs. 9/27 @ 40 Watt, $10)
  • Pigpen Studios Party (Fri. 9/28 @ 40 Watt, $5/$7 under 21)
  • We Vs. The Shark, Coulier, Adam Newman & Heather Fink (Sat. 9/29 @ 40 Watt, $5/$7 under 21)

And if anyone happens to hit up the Ying Yang Twins on Friday night at the Theatre, please leave a full report on it's ridiculousness.
The Team

Today my heart swings.

Interpol = the shiz. Aside from arriving in record time, Friday night at the Tabernacle wasn't as epic as expected, but certainly satisfying. It was incredible to see a more seasoned (and often overhyped) band that was confident enough in themselves to avoid slutting out songs from their new album. Even Wilco has been beyond Sky Blue Sky-happy on their latest tour. Interpol played the best of it ("Rest My Chemistry," "Heinrich Maneuver," "No I In Threesome"), popular classics ("Evil," "Slow Hands," "Take You On A Cruise"), my personal favorite ("C'mere") and closed the show with "PDA." Can't ask for better.

But then it did. Atlanta is fantastic when you land in the right place. Little 5 Points, Decatur Social Club late night, strolling around Euclid and Moreland, sunset in Piedmont Park... too good. We have some serious tricks up our sleeve after this weekend and that's all that can be said for now...

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Wake up and put on your sassypants.

It's another sunny day in Athens, Georgia. iPods and buzzers blare at some ungodly hour to wake up the college senior nestled in their bed and the daily drudge-filled battle begins: to class or not to class? To study or to just sit around? Until one day, an awakening... it doesn't have to be so bad!

When the apathetic get moved, the apathetic get sassy.

In the wake of much encouragement and an endless flow of creativity, Team Sassypants is finally coming to life and determined to bring you the best (and worst) of what's happening in Athens and the big bad world around us. It's time to let our fingers do the talking in order to keep you entertained. (And let's face it, I'm not making much progress professing my love for pop culture commodities in person to everyone that would appreciate.)

Regular features on the run at the moment include:
  • The Sassypants Show Agenda where on a weekly basis, we'll tell you what shows we'll be attending and what acts will be awesome anyways
  • Cliptastic updates on where other pieces have been published
  • The 'Pants Pick loving on whatever band, TV show, movie, viral vid, or article flies that onto the radar
  • Thumbs Up, America! for those times we make another stupid move in politics or pop culture and the world continues to thrive on our downward spiral
  • Hey, College is Still Good for Something! for the times something actually gets learned in the event class is attended
And there's tons more in the works. Want to join the Team? Got something to say? Send an email to and you'll be sure to get suited up! And if someone would be so kind as to solicit their design services for a snappy layout, you also know what to do.

You asked for it, you've got it, and we're just as excited.
Get sassy, kids.


This Week's Red & Black Clips
Stars - In Our Bedroom After The War
Hot Hot Heat - Happiness LTD.

Blitzen Trapper

Jim James is my lobster.

As if you needed a reminder, my favorite band in the entire universe is My Morning Jacket. I was preparing to write an entire post about how disappointed I was with the lack of Austin City Limits coverage from this year, but alas, it's slowly trickling in. I went from pleasantly surprised to out of my mind shock mode as I bopped onto Stereogum Tuesday and found the following:

Does that little addition on Jim James' guitar look familiar? Because it SHOULD:

We got pinned at Prom, suckas! Jim James sat with me while I was painting their prom backdrop during their sound check at the 40 Watt and he went wild over the stick-on foam crustaceans. And now our legendary lil' lobster has seen the likes of Langerado, Red Rocks and Bob friggin' Dylan, Lollapalooza, Austin City Limits, and probably the insides of a studio or other intimate space where a new album is in the works.

It's one thing to harbor the frustration of worshipping a band and when no one understands or comprehends your passion - but it's another thing entirely to have them literally carrying a piece of you everywhere they go when everyone agrees.

"So I do believe that everywhere it goes, it's always with me..."
My Morning Jacket, "Steam Engine"

Check out the rest of the ACL photos here!