Thursday, September 20, 2007

Jim James is my lobster.

As if you needed a reminder, my favorite band in the entire universe is My Morning Jacket. I was preparing to write an entire post about how disappointed I was with the lack of Austin City Limits coverage from this year, but alas, it's slowly trickling in. I went from pleasantly surprised to out of my mind shock mode as I bopped onto Stereogum Tuesday and found the following:

Does that little addition on Jim James' guitar look familiar? Because it SHOULD:

We got pinned at Prom, suckas! Jim James sat with me while I was painting their prom backdrop during their sound check at the 40 Watt and he went wild over the stick-on foam crustaceans. And now our legendary lil' lobster has seen the likes of Langerado, Red Rocks and Bob friggin' Dylan, Lollapalooza, Austin City Limits, and probably the insides of a studio or other intimate space where a new album is in the works.

It's one thing to harbor the frustration of worshipping a band and when no one understands or comprehends your passion - but it's another thing entirely to have them literally carrying a piece of you everywhere they go when everyone agrees.

"So I do believe that everywhere it goes, it's always with me..."
My Morning Jacket, "Steam Engine"

Check out the rest of the ACL photos here!

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